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    69.8 is that about right ?

    03 1300 75 hours ho pump w/ dynfly, jims plate & milled head, fuel controller d plate, rd 1200 double bar grate & tabs uncut & stepped sponsons I also have extra washer in back of plate for rough water is 69.8 about right or is there more? Would like to get over 70! Maybe i should go on a diet 230lbs!

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    That seems about right for your setup with the back of the plate shimmed down and uncut trim tabs.
    To get more speed you can get a keyway, fill in holes underneath, vf3 reeds, etc.

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    thats about right, add vf3 reeds and do some air mods if you want some more,

    also what rpm is that at because you may be able to add more prop def could if you added reeds and air mods.

    as for your plate angle, you need to measure it with the intake grate out and a long straight edge and measure the distance bween the plate and the hull, thats how we mesure the plate angle, it should be between .930 to .980, i use .930 atm because i hit alot of rough water but its not too bad, .980 will give you higher speed gains but gets unplesent in rough water.

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    Maybe your fuel controller is holding you back a little.Whats your settings? Whats your max rpm and is it a 14/20 box stock prop? Also,do you know what your ski ran at its best in stok form?

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    I haven't bought a tach yet going to get one this winter I know I need one to fine tune the controller but i know its pretty close it has crisp throttle and midrange hits like a chainsaw. Got prop from Carl at I.R. race finished and pitch checked. Running stock air box should I gut it or get something else? I don't know what it run stock soon as I got it home from dealer I put my R&D stuff on it off my 2000 GPR.

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