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    HELP!!! Needed with '06 FX HO

    Back in July I bought an '06 FX HO with just 22 hours on it. I know the seller and the dealer he purchased it from. My problem is after riding it just four hours the spark in the three hole broke, the electrode dropped in the cylinder and scored the cylinder wall. Everyone Iíve talked to agrees that the plug, which was the original, was over tightened at the factory and over time (26 hours in my case) it broke off at the cylinder head. The local dealer tried to submit a claim but Yamaha has refused to help as the ski was no longer under warranty. Their only solution is to buy new cases at $2800. Apparently nobody makes sleeves for these engines except Yamaha and SBT neither of which will part with one.

    The original owner feels bad but I canít really blame him and he was in dire financial straights that forced him to sell the ski. The bottom line is Iím looking for help, does anyone know of a sleeve supplier for these things or does anyone have cases for this engine that I can buy for a reasonable price. Or better yet does anyone know of a shop that can repair one of these blocks so I can get back on the water before the season is over?

    All help very much appreciated.


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    the gpr boys can get bores re nikasil'd so i'm sure if you ask on the 2 stroke board where they get it done some one will chime in

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    There's a couple good portsmiths that the high-zoot GPR guys use, maybe contact them and see what they can do to hook you up with someone who can repair the engine.

    Tim Judge:
    Lowell Horning:

    Hopefully you get it back in the water!!!


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