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Thread: Parting 98 Pro

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    Parting 98 Pro

    Got lots of stock parts and some aftermarket ones::

    Stock Head: 3 of them
    Hot Seat Head: 93 octane domes
    Riflebore Carbs w/ flame arrestors
    Electrical box:
    Complete long block with new pistons and rebuilt crank:
    Complete set of cases: Can get rebuilt crank to go with it
    Extra cylinders, couple good couple need machining: 2 good 3 bad
    97 CDI:
    Complete set of manifolds and pipes:
    Stator: 2
    Have some other things laying around let me know what you need..

    PM for price or offer...

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    Looking for a 6-vein stator if you have it on your boat..

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    If any parts are compatible with a 99, I need the following:

    Nikasil coated sleeve and machining to bore the existing cylinder and install a cast iron Wiseco sleeve

    One Wiseco piston with rings for that piston

    Two sets of rings for the remaining two cylinders

    Top end gasket kit
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