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    Need Help With Reeds

    Hey Guys,
    I need your help again,and i apologize in advance for any stupid questions
    as i am still learning, I posted some questions about my sl900 running like
    crap and i followed your advice checked fuel lines and carbs and now im
    down to reeds and dont know what to look for?
    What i noticed on two of them is that on one side they seat against the
    rubber or gasket material and on the other they dont. Do they need to?
    The screws are tight but if i hold them up to the lite i can see it peeking through. I put a gauge to it and theres a space of .002 dont know if that
    alright or not,im going to post some pics so you can take a look.

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    I belive there in the tech section you can find the maximum tolerance allowed for reed pedal to be apart from the seating position.

    but from the pics......................they look good.

    anyone cracked? broken edges? very noticeable separation from the pedal and seat?

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    .002 is fine.. Look for any chips or cracks.

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