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Thread: pump shoe fins

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    pump shoe fins

    i have a friend who has tried evrything on his 04 rxp to try and get rid of his cavitation problem the only thing left is that some of his plastic fins in the pump shoe have broken off so if he were to get rid of these completly would that help his cavitation problems

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    i have read where you either need all of the fins intake or non at all or you can have some cavitation. If his are damaged i would definitely remove them and see if that helps.

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    The fins have to all be intact or it can cause cavitation ... many of us have cut them out completely with no issues at all. Other ideas: worn carbon ring leaking air on takeoff, impeller nose cone not tight/slid up on shaft, large rubber O ring between pump and pump shoe is not on/on crooked/pinched, worn impeller, worn wear ring/clearance too large between wear ring and impeller. Those are the most common causes.

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    cheers vern
    must be the fins as all the rest has been checked many times and all perfect other than the fins

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    This was just talked about last week. It's either all or nothing with the Fins.

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