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    What to BUY? Polaris ? Seadoo? Yammy?

    Just thought I'd get some feedback. I wanna buy another machine to put next to my 00 Pro1200. I was thinking of a 3 seater....Any suggestions? Find another Polaris or since there not making them anymore... what a SHAME ! ! Buy a Polaris 3 seater? Seadoo? or Yammy? Honda?

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    Well, you will get lots of comments, I am sure.

    If you are OK with owning Polaris, and willing to do your own maintenance and troubleshooting, then you can ride knowing most of the other PWC you will see aren't going to be the same as yours!

    I have both the Virage TXi and the MSX 140, which are the two 3 seater styles Polaris made after 2000. The MSX has the deeper V hull, and carves the turns. The Virage has a shallower V, and can be more 'playful'.

    Virage is available fuel injected or carbureted. MSX engine is fuel injected 2-stroke (MSX 140), or turbocharged 4-stroke (MSX 110, MSX 150).

    Are you interested in riding it stock, or modifying for more performance? How fast would you like to go?

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    well, since you posted in the polaris section, I would say Polaris

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    I'd look at hondas.

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    Buy a polaris, youve already have had good success with them, stick to what you know

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