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    2005 GTX SCLTD Impeller Upgrade, Advice Appreciated


    A friend sucked a rock into my impellar this weekend. I will have to replace the impeller and wear ring. I performed a search and found a few different reccomendations. I believe I have a 155mm pump. The solas concord was mentioned a lot. What pitch should I get? 12-20 13-20 14-19? My ski is stock right now. I do plan to upgrade to a stage 1 or 2 over the winter. Thanks in advance!

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    Which engine do you have? The 185-hp engine has the 155-mm pump and the 215-hp engine has the 159-mm pump. On another note, have you changed the ceramic SC washer to the metal washers?... Ron

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    Thanks for replying. I have the intercooled 215 hp engine. I thought the RXT had the 159 mm pump and the GTX had the 155mm pump, hmm. I do plan to upgrade the SC, how do the "X" and the green wheels compare?

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    crazy thing. I sucked up a rock before and it scored the housing. I got a solas 12/20 impeller - I think - and it runs great. I sucked up another rock, in the same exact place, and I knew what I did so I instantly shut it off. the new impeller with the different pitch from stock allowed the rocks - 2 this time - to bounce around instead of lodge into the housing.

    I made a mental note to not park the ski in the same spot anymore.

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    The 215 hp engines have the 159 mm pump
    If you are completly stock, I would recommend the solas 13/18

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    The 13/18 should be perfect right out of the box.
    Just make sure you loctite the nose cone to the impeller,
    otherwise you will have issues if it slides up the driveshaft

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    Thanks guys. I ordered the parts from Jerry. Can't wait!

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