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    i need help with a pump seal

    ok first off i wanna thank mr lugs785 for giving me a hell of a deal on a pump and putting it togethor for me ,

    but when i inserted the pump spacer and then torqued the pump down it was all good i guess ,

    then i started to spend the prop i loved how it spun so freely and the bearing held so tight , but then i hurd Ping and then a grinding sound so im take the prop off to have a look the bottom seal spring is toast ,

    so i take one of the seals out ruining the othere seal ,

    so i now have two broken seals ,

    so im what i am getting at is the pump seal order or how it should go ,

    should it be both of the seals should be around the spacer ? and then the orings on the stub shaft keep the inside dry ?

    im haveing troubles getting this bad boy pack in there can i install the seals on the spacer before installing them in the stator ?

    how far apart are these seals suspose to be apart from one another ?

    is the last seal suspose to be at the rim of the stator or back a little bit ?

    any grease to back in the body of the stator or can i use a little bit to get the seals to slide on nicely ,

    ring the cow bell if im not makeing any sense here

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