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    97 XP driveshaft ?

    now that my gtx is done im going to pull the motor from my XP.
    of coarse the shafts hook differently to the pto on the XP so do i have to remove the pump on up to the pto or is there a way to pull the motor only?

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    the motor pulls forward then up.
    no need to remove the pump at all. theres a rubber coupler at the pto and another one under the seat support. you want it to release at the motor-not under the shock. as soon as your pull the motor forward a bit the driveshaft should drop.

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    thanks for the info. its kinda odd how that style of coupler works

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    Shawn, I know what you're getting at. It helps to remove the front engine mount...then she comes out like a breeze. It also helps when installing it...just make sure you support the front of the engine while the front mount is out. Don't let it hang from the PTO/driveshaft connection. Good luck!

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