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    need your views on the best racing setup....?!

    Hi Everyone..
    I just wanted to see your views, on the best racing setup for Runabout GP (Superstock), whats the best and biggest SC? for the best performance.. as well as other parts you all suggest with regards to engine modifications..

    look forwaerd to your replys

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    Lots of time spent getting it just right. Im not aware of the ins and out of all the racing classes but i do kno it is very time consuming to be at the top. R88
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    GP, Superstock & Open classes are all different. All are highly modified but more or less mods in some areas.

    Where do you want to race? What sort of ski?

    GP is basically a European class as well as now being run at World Finals. Open is the top level under IJSBA normal regulations.

    Open class requires OEM top deck, block, crank, head & weight limits of 10% under dry manufacturers weight.

    I would start with a rulebook and finding out what classes are offered & run in your area.

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