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Thread: 2000 Gp1200r

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    2000 Gp1200r

    Purchased one cheap with a seized middle cylinder. Engine was out when I bought it. Previous owner said that a local Yamaha shop told him an oil line poped off which was the problem. I had the cylinder fixed and am now piecing it all together. I don't see where this "oil line" popped off as it all looks good to me, so I am curious as to why the middle cylinder seized. I have done many motorcycle rebuilds, this is my first waverunner.

    Anyway, It looks like a very tight fit to install this engine in the ski and I am wondering if there are any installation techniques/procdures out there that I can reference. The service manual doesn't say anything about installing a complete motor. I just don't want to get into this not knowing some tricks or things I should have done first ect.

    Any helpful links out there?

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    Welcome to the forum...

    Oil lines do come off but I have seen it used as an excuse for other unknown problems.

    You need to go through those carbs from top to bottom before even starting the ski.

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    And pressure test the engine for air leaks.

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