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    ultra 150 pump shim question

    Working on a friends 99 ultra 150 for him. Took the pump apart and the bearings are completely shot. I'm going to order a pump rebuild kit for him from SBT or somewhere, but my main question is, there is some (what I consider minor), rubbing on the impeller and wear ring. The impeller has some sharp edges where it wore down a bit and some scratches on the impeller housing. After installing the pump rebuild kit, can I just remove a couple shims to bring clearance back in, or do I need to send the impeller in to sbt or impros to get it worked and get a new wear ring. I understand this is a hard question to answer without seeing the stuff, but in general, can just removing a shim or two bring back clearance after something like this has occurred?

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    Welcome to the Green Hulk!!!

    Here is some good reading that might help.

    There is also a manual in the tech section.

    Let us know if that helps. Good luck!

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    I've read both of those and they dont really answer my question.

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    Quote Originally Posted by btldigger View Post
    Most of you reading this may have already had your pump apart or have heard others talk about shimming a pump. As a general rule take out shims till the impeller hits the wear ring then put 1 back.
    Therefore, removing shims will decrease impeller to wear ring clearance. If you need to increase clearance, add shims.

    From the Manual:
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    skimmed right over those parts i guess.. Thanks for clarifying that for me.


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    No problem. Let us know how it goes.

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    I'm rebuilding the pump and am going to go down to the local bearing place to get seals/bearings, etc because I dont want to wait for SBT to get me the parts.

    This is a 1999 ultra 150 and here's what I can find so far @

    BEARING-BALL (NEED to know ID, OD, & Width)
    "O" RING,METER GEAR 11028-1099

    I think thats all I need and can reuse or have the other parts.

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    You might consider sending the whole pump to skiworx. Steve does a seal / bearing upgrade and will put it all right.

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    Skiworx would be a great choice. Taking apart the pump with the bearings and seals then installing them back again will be tricky without the right tools. You can do it but you have to pull the nose cone bearing which I just bought another new nose cone and then the vein bearing and seals install from different sides. I also would send it to Steve at skiworx

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    I can tell you that I changed bearings in one before and I also got bearings from a local supplier and #'s matched and everything. What I didn't see was the thickness of the bearing wasn't the same so when I put it in and ran it the shaft pulled the impeller into the pump cone and grounded the edges off the impeller and messed up my wear ring. Just because the #'s match doesn't mean they are the same. I should have taken a dial caliper and actually measured EVERYTHING to make sure they were the same and you should to if you attempt to do it yourself especiallly the thickness otherwise you will destroy an impeller and wear ring because the impeller pulls itself forward into the wear ring. Measure everything and make sure and if you've got a small press its not a big deal. I did it a work but where I work I've got an unlimited amount of tools to work. I'm an aircraft mechanic and there is ALOT of tools at my expense.

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