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    What hose do I clamp off for towing?

    I just purchased a new Ultra 250X along with a towing device call Towdester. The Towdester is designed to allow you to tow a jet ski at better than crawl speeds,(20-30 mph). Anyone know which hose I need to clamp off to keep from flooding the engine?

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    Welcome to the Green Hulk!!

    Typically you would want to close off the water supply line coming from the pump. However, I don't know much about the 250's so hopefully some of the 250 crowd will chime in.

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    First off, Welcome!

    I dont think you need to block any hose off for the 250x in towing. Lets see what others say about this.

    Besides, you shouldnt need a tow. Its a Kawi!

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    Clamping off right hose

    There are several hoses coming from the jet area so I was unsure which one needed to be clamped. The reason I'm attempting this is that I purchased a special towing device called Towdester that is designed to allow you to tow a jet ski behind another boat at higher speeds than normally would be attempted, (25 - 30 mph) and not worry about hitting the back of the first boat when you slow down. This will help in my paticular sisuation where we have to navigate several miles of canal before getting to the open river. The idea is to take the family out on our 24 footer while towing the Kawi until we reach the open river. All Kawi says in the owners manual is they recomend not towing over 5 mph, (there is no warrning about water entering the engine), but at this speed it would take us 1 hour to reach the open river as apposed to 10 minutes.
    The Towdester manufacture says on most jet skis the water intake hose must be clamped or you will flood the engine at thoses speeds.

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