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    Question 96 GTX Electrcal Problems

    Hi, I have recently acquired a 1996 GTX that is having some intermittent electrical problems. Hereís the story, sometimes when I put the safety key on it beeps twice and everything is fine and other times I put the key on and I get no beeps the engine will crank over but will not start (no Spark). Yesterday I put it into Advanced Self-Diagnostic Mode, got 1 short & 1 long beep, installed the key and pressed the start button and got 2 short beeps indicating a problem with the key. Thought I was onto something there. Then it started working correctly, 2 beeps with key on and engine would start. I let it sit for awhile and retried it again last night and it worked OK. This morning I tried it again, installed the key and got nothing, some of the dash lights flashed but no beeps, I tried to go into Advanced Self-Diagnostic Mode again but got no beeps after pushing the start/stop button 5 times. Then after messing around with it (key on, key off, pressing the start button several times) it started working again. Right now it will beep 2 times when the key is installed and start but who knows what it will do next time? Can anybody out there offer any help or suggestions?

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    Bad DESS post.

    Just noticed...your first post.

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    Thanks for the info. Is there a way to test it? Should I replace the key also?
    I did find that I have a bad beeper. I need to replace that and recheck things.

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    The beeper when bad has nothing to do with starting the just don't hear the double beep. All other functions remain normal.

    No need to replace lanyard. And no test really necessary...your description pretty much has it nailed to the lanyard post. It's easy to change and not expensive.

    Good luck!

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    Thanks again, I will get a DESS post ordered today. The intermittent beeper was making it very confusing in the diagnostic mode.

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