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    Questions after overheating...

    I have a 03' GP1300, completely stock rebuilt the entire motor and only have about 12 hours since rebuild. I let a complete moron take a spin on it in a harbor here and he clogged the intake with weeds and didn't shut it down until it got very hot. I had to ride it a little ways to get back to the boat ramp the next day and it seemed sluggish, not as fast in the middle range as it should be. I did a compression test and found a couple of things. The sparg plugs had moisture on them, and the compression was off on the front and rear cylinders. From front to rear they read 105, 120 and 100 psi. I pulled the head and found that there was moisture on the pistons and on the head gasket mating surfaces on both sides of the cooling channels. Piston wash looks good on the middle not as good on the front and rear. The cylinder walls look good with no scoring. I'm hoping all I have to do is replace the head gasket and retorque the head. If I do this and get good consistent readings on all 3 at 120, is there anything else I should really be worried about? Anything else that I should check? Thanks in advance for any advice.

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    Typically the problem with overheating is losing tension in the rings. Pour a tad bit of oil in the front and rear and retest. If it shoots up to meet the middle cylinder, you've found your problem.

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    Thanks for the response Fullboogie, I did try that first before I pulled the head. I put a little 2 stroke oil through the plug holes and turned the motor a couple of revolutions, retested the compression and it didn't really make a difference. In addition, I could see moisture on the plugs when I pulled them out so I suspected more might be wrong. I can see a little blistering on the gasket so I am definitely going to replace it, but now I'm trying to figure out if my head might be warped a little. It was definitely running lean on the front and rear. I did put another 45 mins. or so on the motor after the overheat so it might be a result of that. Putting a straight edge on the head, I can see a very slight bit of light in a couple of spots, but I'm not really sure what to look for/how to tell what would be "too far" out of spec. I also am wondering if there is anything else I should check before putting her back together. As always, I really appreciate all the advice offered by you guys.

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