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    Good deal or not?SHO

    Sorry for the newbie questions

    Cant decide which deal is the best for the sho. Was able to track 2 different dealers that have the sho available.
    Both same ski, color, and 4 yr yes warranty, no goodies.

    1. 12980 inlcudes ttl and triton double trailer for extra 1700 plus ttl
    2. 13365 includes ttl and ez loader double trailer for extra 1600 plus ttl

    Is the pricing about average?
    Is the 4 yr warranty really needed?

    I guess my biggest concern is the trailer, Ive heard tritons are the best, and have never seen an ez loader.

    Thanks for the replies

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    If you plan to mod it then the warranty isnt completely needed. As for myself I mod the ski myslef and if I have a warranty issue I take the parts off and put it back to stock. I would say to go with the warranty to be safe.

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    Those prices are pretty good. You have up to a year after purchase to decide on the extended warranty.

    Things that you will need:

    Yami cover
    Spare tire and mount for trailer
    Trailer flat tire jack
    Fire extinguisher
    Anchor/Anchor system
    Tow rope/inflatable
    Dock lines
    Rear trailer straps
    Ball and mount for your tow vehicle
    Trailer wire connection
    Trailer license plate hardware
    Trailer box
    Trailer wheel chaulks
    And etc. Don't forget GPS and mount

    You could buy the extended warranty next year off of e-bay, and use your funds/financing for things you will need now.

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    Thanks, I went ahead a got the SHO with single ez loader trailer today came out under 13k. Double would not fit thru garage door(double Door).

    Excellent idea on the extended warranty, under 600 on ebay, but how legit is it? Has anyone bought one thru them and actually used it?

    Thanks again

    BTW, if anyone is looking still, they still have 1 black, and 2 blue SHO's available, not sure about the cruiser sho.

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