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    mfd stuck on the clock

    I guys I'm new to the sit. Ive been looking for info on the mfd i found some but not what i see thats wrong with mine.It's stuck on the clock. I unpluged it in the back of the mdf it worked for about 10 min then when back to the clock. It's a 1997 slt780. any info.

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    It will default to clock after 10 min of non use.. Does it wake up when you push the mode button?

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    It doesn't do anything when it goes back to the clock. I was riding it this after noon and it just went to the clock and it wouldn't do anything.

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    Quote Originally Posted by woodystang View Post
    It doesn't do anything when it goes back to the clock. I was riding it this after noon and it just went to the clock and it wouldn't do anything.
    Welcome to the Hulk!

    You can download the Polaris 1992-1998 Service Manual here.

    Attached is some more info on the MFD.

    When you are riding, and the MFD is awake, does the MFD show RPM? The Yellow wire from the engine tells the MFD to wake up, and also signals the engine RPM to the MFD.

    The Yellow wire also controls battery charging via the LR regulator. If the MFD is not showing RPM, then check for proper battery charging. Use a multi-meter at the battery terminals. Be careful not to short the battery posts, and put the plastic battery cover back in place afterwards. Should be about 14 volts with the engine running. If you are seeing only 12.x volts, then the charging system is not working, and you need to investigate further.

    Sometimes the MFD just needs to be reset. First, disconnect the battery negative wire. Wait a minute or more (some owners have reported that it took several hours of disconnection before their MFD would reset properly), then reconnect the battery negative.

    Do the battery reconnect as one solid connection, no bouncing of the contact between cable and battery post. Contact, insert bolt, tighten, all the while keeping the cable pressed against the post. Test the MFD for proper operation.

    If the MFD is still not behaving, then try this MFD reset sequence;
    Press and hold the MODE and SET keys until the CAL displays. The CAL display will usually show after 4 seconds
    Press and hold the SET key
    While continuing to hold the SET key and within 2 seconds of pressing the SET key, press and hold the MODE key
    Don't release either key until the MFD shuts down.
    After the MFD has shut itself down, press the mode key to turn the MFD on
    Depress the MODE key repeatedly until voltage is displayed and verify that the voltage reading has been restored.

    Let us know what you find out.
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    Thanks for all the help guys. I don't know what i did to fix the mfd. All i did was check all the connections and the fuse and it started working .

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