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    Yamaha 800XL won't start

    I failed to switch my fuel control from on to reserve when the alarm went off, I rode it for about 4 miles and then it stopped dead in its track. Before that it ran fine, going about 40 with 3-4 ft waves, no weeds or shallow spots. I switched it over to reserve but the battery acted ike it was almost dead. I filled up the tank when I got it to the hoist, and I was able to get it started but only for about 30 seconds, then the battery acted dead. I let it sit for 4 days, tried to start it, the battery sounded weak but it did start ran blue smoke out the exhaust for about a minute then quit. Now the starter would only click. I put in another fresh battery and all it would do is click. These are new batteries this year, the machine gets used weekly. Nothing showed on the control panel about water temp or oil either. The machine has not been submerged or run out of oil. Any ideas out there?

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    Have you even ran the ski on "reserve" before? The reason why I ask is that the "reserve" fuel pick-up is lower in the tank. Because of this if you have any water or gunk in the tank it will settle to the bottom un-noticed until you one day you switch to reserve and it gets sucked up into the engine all at once.
    Check the fuel strainer for debris,
    check the spark plugs, if water is in the fuel they will be clean and/or wet.

    Because of this I recommend people to always run on the reserve setting. Make sure you realize why the low fuel buzzer is going off though; if you run out of gas on reserve you are screwed.

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    Might need the code. If battery dies or taken out you will need to reenter the code.

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    Thanks for the help. I went back out to the machine, it would do nothing, I could not get anything on the control panel when I followed the owners manual to reset the PADLOC. I checked the battery, it was down to about 11volts and was very warm. I put a fully charged battery in, connected the postive cable to the postive post, but when I proceeded to connect the negative cable to the negative post, it sparked and the starter clicked wihout the ignition lanyard even on it. Seems like I have some serious electrical issue altough everything seems to be hooked up properly and no bare or loose wires that I can find.
    There again, Thanks for all your responses, I will take it to a dealer to get it fixed. The reserve use sounds like a good practice to use it several times a year.

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    i would say it could be the relay do a voltage drop test accros the starting system

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    click on my name and look at other posts from me. i cover a voltage drop test on one. and this test is for any starting system

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    ITs DEAD

    Thanks for all the help, the mechanic tore it apart, the connecting rod rusted at the crank, then broke while I was using it. Probably from when it got blown off the hoist.

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