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    xlt 1200 fouling 1 cylinder

    I replace a cylinder in the ski 1st one. mix 50 to 1 in gas took it out let it idle for 15 min road it around for 20 min at 15 to 20 mph , came home
    next day went out, idled it for 10 min try to give it some gas to get it to 30 or 40 and wouldn't get over 27 mph. pull plugs 1st cylinder is wet
    put in all new plugs start it hit the gas starts running normal get it to 45 mph for 2 minutes I shut it down to 20 when I tried to go 45 again wouldn't get up past 27 again checked the plug (1) fouled again 2 and three look good... Can't figure out why it keeps fouling the first cylinder got good compression in all cylinders idle is perfect good spark in all cylinders need help please thanks
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