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    2007 Challenger 180 Problem - Limp Mode

    Glad I found this board today. Making my way through pages and pages of info i've been wondering about since I bought my boat about a year ago.

    Anyhow, the wife and I were coming back to the dock from a lazy day floating around a couple of weekends ago, and the boat immediately stopped on the way in. We were nowhere near WOT and when I restarted it, it was in limp mode and giving me 2 fault codes (351 and 261 if I remember correctly) which referred to a fuse and ingition coil #1. Being under warranty still, I immediately made an appointment for the next friday to bring it in and have it fixed. We are now about 3 weeks later and they are still in the process of "diagnosing" it. They claim to be tracing the electrical problem, however 3 weeks seems a little shady to me. I understand it's summer, but this is not a super busy place and they've always done my service work in hours times, not weeks.

    I'm wondering if this has happened to anyone else before and if so, what
    were the necessary repairs?

    This instance has also made me reconsider purchasing an extended BEST warranty. My "PURCHASE" date was 8/18/2007 but the boat wasn't delivered to me until 8/30/2007. Can I still purchase a warranty since I didn't have the boat until 8/30/2007 even though the paperwork was signed on the 18th?

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    If you are somewhat mechanically inclined I would suggest you forget about the warranty because it is not worth the paper its written on. BRP does not like to cover things if they can get out of it and boy do they try hard!!!
    You will also be back on the water much quicker having "done it yourself".
    Your problem sounds to me like one of your coil packs has gone bad. This engine has one for each spark plug. Get a known good coil and try replacing the others one by one.

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    Thanks for the reply! I'm not "mechanically" inclined, but really only because I've never dug into it. With cars, i've always just bought new and never had any problems. I'm an IT guy by trade, so I usually learn new software/technology by picking up a manual and reading, so I'm a quick study. I figure this engine can't be TOO tough to learn my way after checking out the shop manual for the engine. Am I correct in that assesment?

    Anyone else have a opinion on that? Coming from a non-mechanical background and picking it up as you went along?

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    I would check the Connection at the Coils, make sure they are fully "clipped" on. Make sure no Water inside the Connector. Check the Fuses, make sure they are fully Seated, again, making sure there is no Water inside the Connector. Look around the Engine, kinda follow the Harness around, making sure it's not pinched on anything or being pulled on.

    Just look for the obvious things. Sometimes it's the most obvious things that cause the biggest problems that'll have you searching for Hours, or in your Dealers case, weeks.

    ...and Welcome to the Site

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    Well right now it's at the shop. It was dropped off the first friday in August and my warranty expired on the 18th (or 30th, however it's set up) so they said since it was checked in before the warranty expired, that BRP would cover it. I'm really just concerned about the next time when it is OUT of warranty.

    I think you guys have given me the confidence to handle the upkeep on my own. I'm now glad my first one is just a single engine model!!

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    Yea, you'll be good with the upkeep on it. It's not hard at all. And as always, if you have any questions, or anything, just hit up the Forum here, and you'll get an answer in no time.

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