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Thread: Water in Engine

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    Water in Engine

    How do I drain water that was flooded into engine due to riding without plug?

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    Are there drain plugs in a 95 polaris? Where are they located, what advice on what to do?

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    Pull the spark plugs out and push the start button for 10 secs at a time. Then let the starter cool for a bit and repeat.

    You need to get the water out right away, do not let it sit inside there.

    Once the water is out, get the engine started ASAP to remove any water left in it.

    You can also fog the engine to help prevent rusting, but the water HAS to get out immediately.

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    Pull the spark plugs and crank the engine over. It will probably blow water/oil/fuel out the plug holes.


    Once you think you got all of the water out you can. Put the spark plugs in and see if you can get it started. If it starts, run it for a good while. This will help flush the rest of the water out of the crank case.

    Don't forget to fog the engine real well when you are done. You should also check the electrical box for water.

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