i have been thinking (i know i shouldnt) of differant ways to improve performance, mainly turbos.

first design is of a turbo that isnt run via mechanical advantage of the engine. if you take a line off pump and use that to spin a turbo you could create the PSI boost without sacrificing the HP required to run a traditional turbo or supercharger. what you will be sacrificing is less water will be running out the back of the ski, but a serial connection with an open loop colling system should lessen this. thoughts?

second was a fresh air design mainly for the NA skis like mine. maybe pipeing in fresh air into the hull via electrical means (yes i know it will pull the engine some). i have had minimal success with installing a 100 CFM 12v fan onto a car engine intake (till fan got crudded up). the same thing could be installed on the ski vents? i seriously doubt this will work...

BUT adding the water turbo idea just to vent / pressurize the hull like the fan idea would be a little better?

maybe i am dreaming and i realize nothing is "free power" but the american speed limits on stock ski's should allow for "extra" water through the tunnels and may even help with tunnel pressure build up.

is this worth building and testing or would have the big wigs at yamaha / kawi already toyed with this?