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    Question Help 3rd piston trashed gp1200

    Ok , Ive looked at over 200 posts still no answer i have a 2000 gp1200 mill edition the 3rd rear cyd piston is badly broken at the skirt, scared, and somewhat melted. metal everwhere and the cyd looks like it ran lean . it is not a power valve problem, power valve still intacted no damage. took that carb apart nothing obvious good gaskets no holes in diapram, or pluged fuel filter, everone says oil line came off but i run premix and have been for a while, plus all other cyd look wet with oil/gas but the third is dry and light grey color also read about air leaks but seals are intacted dry from oil . when i took engine apart noticed i little bit of water in bottom of case could it have been leaking water in to that cyd and why just that one? and where would it come from? please any body who could help me !!!!! thanks!!!!

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    head gasket or water injestion through carbs
    Post some pics.

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    you'll need to pressure test it ,could be bad crankseal

    later cd

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