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    rpms and compression on 2000 xp

    rpm around 7100 and compression abotu 125 each does that sound right?

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    Quote Originally Posted by wilmingtonxp View Post
    rpm around 7100 and compression abotu 125 each does that sound right?
    RPM's are good, I forget where the Rev Limiter is on that Motor, but I wanna say you wanna be as close to 7300rpm's as you can get without going over.

    Compression seems a smidge low, but as long as it's within 3psi between the 2, you are good.

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    ty im wondering because i wanted to know if i was getting close to the top speed i could just leaving it stock. no gps yet but the speedo says 65mph

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    Rpms can fool you if the prop is worn and/or the wear ring is shot. Get a GPS and see what you have.

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