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    r-12 and r-12x advise

    Hey Guys,
    New to the board picking up a leftover r-12 and r-12x next week. R-12 is for the wife but I was considring also getting an r-12. We are not hardcore but I wanted to know if the R-12 would be a more reliable machine and what's involved in the maintainence regarding the turbo. Thanks

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    The R12 is non turbo, The R12x is turbocharged.

    Maintenance is similar to both. Neither have any problems in stock form if you follow the owners manual recommendations.

    Read this for more info


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    The next question is what type of difference in performance should I expect beteween the r-12 and r-12x

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    the turbo has stronger internals in the engine. Weakest link for both is the wgs..which nitro has posted instructions to test...and valve springs..which he has a replacement set for. But even these are not a problem with normal maint.

    i know of many ski's with 1000+ hours on them(rentals) stock with no issues .. very reliable.

    ride both and decide.

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    Right on Dave...I would say if you're going for the "rideable factor" look at the F-12x's instead of the R's...just my $0.02, but I have one of both and the F rides much-o better, the R is more fun for riding like you are a wife won't even get on the R after riding her F...
    There are excellent posts on here for maintenance, and guys like Dav and JR, Nitro, etc...can help you with any issue you encounter. Good choice on going Honda.

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