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    Lake Shasta Webcam - Thanks to CalTrans

    I live in the Seattle area and we have had one of the poorest summers on record. Cold, wet and windy - it sucks.

    When the weather's bad I often find myself surfing the Internet looking for places that I'd rather be - that's how I found the CalTrans webcam on I-5 that shows part of Shasta Lake.

    Here's the link:

    From the image you can tell that the lake level has really dropped. I saw one chart that indicated that it's been falling about one foot per day for the past couple of months.

    Even with the low water level Shasta's a great lake to explore on a PWC.

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    I didn't know that they moved the camera....

    If you click on the link in the above post but don't see any part of Shasta Lake it probably means that CalTrans has moved the camera direction.

    About 85% of the time the camera angle includes a shot of Shasta Lake.

    Although the water levels are currently at a 15 year low, it was actually much worse in 1977.

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    You can also view the lake from the Jones Valley Resort cam.

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    Great story about Lake Shasta in Redding Newspaper

    For those of you that may have had an opportunity to spend some time on Lake Shasta, you know that it's an awesome lake with some beautiful scenery.

    Well that scenery is completely different now that the water level is 150 feet below the top of the dam. Currently the water is at its lowest level in the past 16 years.

    The Redding Newspaper has a story about the water level at Shasta with some great pictures. Here's a link to the newspaper report:

    I think the coolest picture is what looks to be a very expensive concrete boat launch. It's actually a concrete bridge that was part of Highway 99 that was used to cross the Sacramento River - it's been under water for the last 16 years.

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    Absolutely AWESOME!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ph2ocraft View Post
    Absolutely AWESOME!!!
    I'm glad you liked it - I thought it was awesome too.

    I was on the lake about 45 days ago when the water was about 30 feet higher. I actually rode my ski up to the area where the tunnel picture was taken - it was about halfway submerged. I had no idea that it was a railroad tunnel, I figured that it was some type of drainage outlet.

    When I rode by the area with the old Highway 99 Bridge they had a heavy dozer cutting a path through a 30 foot tall mountain of silt. Before I read the newspaper story I just assumed that it was a low water boat launch.

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    Shasta Lake is finally starting to fill-up again....

    I've noticed the page views on this thread are over 1,000 which means I must not be the only one that checks out the CalTrans webcam on occasion.

    If you've been watching the camera for the past several weeks you may have noticed that the lake is finally starting to fill-up after reaching 13 year lows. The lake has risen about 20 feet over the past few weeks.

    Here's a link that shows a plot of the water level for Shasta Lake for the past year -

    Hopefully it will be a wet spring so the lake can return to its normal level.

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    More California Wasteful spending. No wonder they raise the fooking taxes today!

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    Water level increased six feet in one day

    I'd heard that there were rain storms in Northern California so I thought I'd check to see what impact it had on the lake level at Shasta. It increased six feet in one day.

    Hopefully that's a result of the rain and not just snow-melt in the mountains. Although it's cool to check out some of the hidden treasures when the lake level is low, I'd much rather have the lake filled to capacity.

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    I hope it fills to because it keeps my electric bill down. When Shasta Dam is not putting out alot of power City of Redding doesnt get that extra supply so then are rates rise due to it.

    Yea the Lake is going up which is nice... I-5 was closed about 15 miles north of the Bridge Bay bridge "the one in the pic" because the road was about 2 feet under water due to mass rain fall and run off....onto the highway. It only was closed for a couple hours or so but still ...I have never seen it closed due to flooding.

    I will probably drive out there soon and check it out, still has along way to go though.

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