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    sl750 help

    i just got an 1995 polaris sl750 and it does not run unless i pour gas directly into the carbs and it will only run until that gas runs out. so im assuming there is some sort of fuel delivery problem. it has the new upgraded fuel pump, ive checked most of the fuel lines and they all seem to be clean and unclogged. what could be the problem be?


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    Welcome Ryan,Is the fuel knob turned on? Check the pulse line on the pump that runs to the crankcase. Also what history do you know about the ski,any new ski and I would go thru the Carbs and rebuild or make sure they are good.

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    Is the new fuel pump located where the old one was?

    If so unbolt, lay in the bottom of the hull and try it there. If it runs, mount to the RH fiberglass web in front of the battery. Also be sure that the restrictor is tye wrapped in the return line to the fuel tank (about 2 inches) from the front carb.

    Let us know what you find.

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    Are the hoses routed properly?

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