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    Driveline vibration, loss of thrust

    Hey all, I'm new to the site. I've read through all 37 pages looking for a solution to my problem but found nothing.

    1996 Kawasaki ZXI1100, new stock motor with about 25hrs on it.

    Every now and then during my last ride I would start out from an idle and get a heavy vibration and no thrust like the driveshaft had lost connection to the prop. I could let off the throttle and ease on the gas again and it would accellerate normal. This happened about 3 times during the day. I pulled the pump to replace the prop (Solas KG-SC-X) and pump bearings but there was no problem there that I could find. I merely replaced the bearings since it was cheap and I had it apart anyway. I've reached in the engine compartment and pulled on the drive shaft to check for play and everything seems tight. There's no end-play or rotational free-play that I can feel.

    I'm thinking it's the coupler damper but it only does it erratically. I can goose the throttle all I want and not make it happen. It only happens from an idle. Any ideas?

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    Welcome to the Forum..........

    Did you check the clearance between the prop and the pump?

    And what kind of shape is the prop in?

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    The prop is new and the clearance is fine. I pulled it again after a ride yesterday and there are no marks where the prop would hit. Everything in the pump area is new. I guess I'll have to pull the shaft and inspect the coupler rubber and couplers.

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    Sounds like the coupler is slipping, or you have torn up your splines so the shaft is slipping. Do you have a rubber coupler on that model?? (I dont know)

    Most torque is from 0-10MPH as the ski is fighting to move the mass forward. This is where you will see the slipping first.

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    It has a rubber coupler. The primary driveshaft has splines that enter the impeller but they are fine. The only area left would be the drive coupler. I ordered a new damper for the coupler.

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    Welcome to the Green Hulk!!

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    if it is a damper (octopus looking thing between the couplers) that would just rattle not slip

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    I figured that too but there's nothing else at this point beyond, and I hope not, the coupler splines themselves. As I said, I cant feel any free-play whatsoever when pulling on the shaft by hand.

    I have to find the time to rip it down and visually inspect all the drive line components.

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    I have a 750SS that has developed the same issue. I think it is sucking air on full throttle and causing cavitation. If I feather the throttle, I can get up to speed but nothing a low end. Found I had dropped my intake grate and was not hooking up at all.

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    I have a Worx intake grate that I put on a couple weeks ago. It made a huge difference at higher speeds on choppy water.

    I tore it down. The drive couplers screw onto the driveshaft and crank, no problems there. The damper was perfect too.

    I put it all back together and took it out on the lake yesterday. It didnt vibrate or loose thrust at all. Soooo, I dunno.

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