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Thread: 97 spx mods

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    97 spx mods

    OK so here it is.this year i bought a 1997 spx 787,i was wondering if there were any inexpensive mods i can do to this ski to make it faster.Although im not too familiar with two stroke engines,i do have full access to a state of the art machine shop.I have about 7 years of cnc programming experience,and could make just about anything or could do just about anything mechanical.Is there anything i could make for this ski..Does anyone have dimensions for certain parts that would make great upgrades.Any help would be great thanks...

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    Nope, but I can send you 57cc domes that I need another set of 53's machined... All for tips and tricks on how to get your SPX a screamer...

    I have a milled stock head you can copy that works great if you want. You have to run 93 octane though, and need flame arrestors and carb rejetting to make the combo a blast.


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