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    help for my 99 SLH 700

    I am having problems with my 1999 SLH 700.

    I can take it out and it runs well for a while then stops and I can not get it started. If I take it home , it has restarted. Yesterday it took a turn for the worse. I rode it a while and then it stopped. This time it would not even turn over, just completely dead, not even a click click click. Battery is charged. What is the prolem or how do I diagnose it?

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    double check the battery and the battery connections to the black box and the main ground wire to the engine block.

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    Help for my 1999 SLH's

    I got it running, turned out there was a couple wires and a bracket that came loose inside the "black box". That enabled me to get it started and we took it out fro a run. Ran about 30-60 minutes and it stopped again. Of course a long way from the dock. Sat for about five minuted and it started again and we drove it all the way back. So I think I had two problems and still have the second one.

    Joh Zigler from PWC and this site told me of a Polaris Tech Bull. that delt with this issue, something about the magnito and the CDC, Does anyone know of this bull.?

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    Just to be clear - Does it stop running all by itself, or do you stop the engine on purpose, and then it will not restart?

    If you stop it on purpose, and then it will not restart right away, the technical bulletin that applies is probably the following.

    The Red/Purple wire from the CDI module (and no other Red/Purple wires), needs to connect to the Orange wire terminal on the board inside the electrical box.

    This ensures that the CDI fully shuts down when the engine stops, and properly powers up and starts the engine the next time.

    While you are in there, check that there is no corrosion on any terminal, and zero moisture inside the box.

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