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    96 SP Running Issues

    I have a 96 Sp that was running rough then once warmed up ran great. It got to the point that it was starting sometimes and sometimes not but once it did it ran rough and once warmed up ran great all day. I chose to get it fixed I had the carb rebuilt the fule lines replaced and the valve on the gas tank replaced. I took it out and it statrted fine but still ran rough for about ten minutes before it would run fine. The dealer I went to said he has no idea!!!!!!!!! I am stumped here???

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    First, get a new dealer. These things are pretty simple as far as narrowing down a problem. Second, as has been posted ad nauseum do a plug reading when it is cold and acting up. Third, post your findings here and without a doubt someone will be able to point you in the right direction.

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    how do I do a plug reading?

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    Pull the plugs out and look at the condition. Wet, black couold be an ignition problem. dry, white may be a fuel problem. either way it narrows the problems.

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    ok checked the plugs wet and black

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    ok took it out today in ran great!!!!!!!!! i have no clkue???? does anyone have anyn insight?

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    If the plus are wet and black, that means all the fuel isn't getting ignited. Get better spark plug connecters! (msd type 18.99) they ensure better electrical conduction to the plug. the stock wire connectors suck!

    The screw (in the connector) split the sparkplug wire as they are pushed together. this lessens the effectiveness of current flow. The stock connectors have big resistence (bad for electric flow)
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    thanks for the tip where do I get those at?

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    ok a month later cant even get it to start at all. put bran new plugs in it and nothing. took them out and they were wet.

    now what?

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    The stock NGK plug caps are just fine,they run on staockers all the way to full mod skis with no problems.

    If the plugs are wet its probally flooded & that would be due to leaky needle/seat in the carb.

    Shut fuel valve off & hold throttle wide open while cranking.

    Clean plugs off with spray carb cleaner after each cranking session,no more than 10-15 seconds of cranking at a time.

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