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    96 GTI charging issues (Yes I've searched)

    There are a few threads on this but none really address my findings so I thought I'd put up a new post. Hope you don't mind.

    The battery light stays on constantly. For a while it stayed on a bit and then would go off after riding a while. Now it's just constant. I tested the battery and it was at 11.8V. When I hit the start button it would drop to 11.4V but once running it will slowly creep back up as if it's under a trickle charge. At the 3500rpm I do not get any extra voltage, just that creeping effect. I tested the AC current at the battery with an autoranger and it wasn't showing anything. I put the battery on a smart charger which showed it at 11.8v but only 26% capacity. So I charged it up.

    I see in the manual I can test between the yellow/yellowblack for resistance to see if the charging coil is the issue. It started at 1.2ohm and eventually settled to .9 which is above the range that they list in the manual (.05-.6) so I'm not quite sure what that means.

    My questions are:

    1. Are there any other tests I should run to figure out what's going on or do we have one of them pretty well nailed?

    2. I only go out for a couple hours at a time. Is there any way for me to make it just last to end of the riding season without damaging anything? I've got less than a month left with it anyway so I'd prefer to ride vs repair right at the moment.

    Thanks guys.


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    Hey Ben...looks like you've done your homework so far.

    It sounds like the stator, when they are burned they stlll ohm normal specs, so I never advise people to ohm them. You have to pull the front cover and visually inspect them for burned areas. The rectifier could also be bad, as each can cause the other to fail.

    You can ride it with a good battery and no charge without doing any damage, I just don't know how long it will run before dying. Minimizing your starts will help. It doesn't take much to run the ignition system.

    Good luck!


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    You should be able to run all day on a charged battery.

    Starting is what drains batterys it takes very little to keep it running.

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