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    1100 Raider serious backfire, Too much Fuel???

    Tried to start my raider today, and it took about 10 seconds of cranking to start. Then when I cracked the throttle, there was a huge bang, and my storage bin was in pieces. It blew the rear exhaust hose- after the waterbox. I just had the carbs off of this thing because it would not idle.

    What did I mess up when reassembling the carbs? I am assuming I have a n/s stuck open??
    The exhaust hose was wet inside where it blew, and the rideplate, and nozzle are covered in wet black crap- im assuming a mix of carbon and fuel?

    Ill post some pics of the damage. Any help figuring this out would be great. I am really leaning toward the carbs being the issue, but just wanted some input before I start tearing into this thing again.
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    I would also inspect your 'reeds' and make sure any petals did not get cracked/fractured from the backfire.

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    recheck your carb settings sounds like a lean backfire

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    carbs are set at lows 1 1/2 out highs 1 out.

    I believe I was told that a lean backfire will be out of the intake, and a rich one will be out the exhaust. Does anyone know if this is true?

    The only thing that makes me think it was too rich is the fact that the ride plate and nozzle were clean and grey before I messed w/ the carbs, and after this one startup, it is soaked in black liquid.

    motor is stock w/ FA's

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    A lean pop is usually through the intake. Excess unburned fuel will ignite in a hot exhaust. You have a rich condition, the pics tell the story IMO.

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    my 1100 did that with a couple of missing reed petals.

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    I'll order some carb kits, and check the reeds when I pull the carbs. Does anyone know where I can get that exhaust hose?

    Anything else I should look at?

    Oh, and where is the best place to get some carb kits?
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    i would try either or the oem store here

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