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    Speedster 200 help before I do it!!!!

    I just got a speedster 150 215 with a 3 year warr. 4-5 months ago and I have a loan for 14,800 left on it that I pay 204 a month for it . I went today and looked at the speedster 200 at crazy freddys and they said they would take my boat and my payment would increase to 366 a month out the door tax trailer ,3 year warr. etc. Is that ok ? I dont have the best credit and it would not kill me. Anybody have any feedback on this deal or crazy freddys in n.y.? The only reason I'm even thinkin about it is I've been takin a beating on the 150 ,where I live on the great south bay the wind is always against us and everyday theres white caps and the boat is small and does not like ruff water and I cant always have all my friends on because of the limits of passengers and even with 4 your all sittin on eachother, I know its not the best deal ,but it would get me into something bigger which I wish I had asked for the advice before I just did the other one. Any help please ,before I do something I regret????

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    I have no info about Loco Freddy, but you know the decision to upgrade is something that you can only ultimately answer for yourself. A ski or boat is such an expensive hobby itself (though, in my case, much is self-inflicted with mods), I personally wouldn't do it if I had to make payments. On the other hand, if you're going to do it anyway, you deserve have the right boat to do it with.

    You mentioned that it's not the best deal, but didn't mention how long your payments last (or interest rate). I mean, it's a great deal, if your payments only go up $150 for four years, but if you're getting into an eight or ten year comittment, I'd say resist the temptation for now. Slavery is alive and well, and it begins with owing a bank money with interest. Unfortunately, the system has been setup to make a mortgage almost a necessity (mortgage literally translates from Latin to "owe us until you die"), and some low interest car loans can be beneficial, try to resist being a slave to a bank the rest of your life. Even the state of the US economy right now can be attributed to interest owed on past debts. It will ruin an individual, it will ruin a country.

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    boat price a dropping like a rock! the bigger the more a gas guzzler the boat the better the deal.

    I tried to buy a boat in May 26' they wanted 55K. got a call this weekend 33k out the door.

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    Quote Originally Posted by atom1234 View Post
    The only reason I'm even thinkin about it is I've been takin a beating on the 150 ,where I live on the great south bay the wind is always against us and everyday theres white caps and the boat is small and does not like ruff water
    If thats your main reason, the 200 isn't any better on the water. I run on Lake Michigan and I wont go out w/ passengers if there whitecaps out. It just beats the hell out of you.

    Any boat w/ such a shallow draft is going to suck like this...your ridn on top the waves, not sitting down in the even water. Dont get me wrong, I love mine, but its not gonna handle any better in rough water.

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    You will use about double the gas with the Twins...

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    Look at the Yamaha SX210 for a much better rough water ride.

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    VX1 - I like & agree with your insights into debt bondage & the state of our nation's economy. Leads into who's really in control & whose interests this great nation is forced to serve to its own severe detriment.

    Atom1234 - I sympathize with the rough-weather misery ... having an S200 after having owned a 14 foot challenger, I'll tell ya it does handle the chop better, but it is far from a smooth ride. No trim tabs and a flatter-bottom = a very rough ride when it is windy enough for white caps. You can definitely have enough room for 4 buddies to have a blast & not sit on eachother, but the heavy chop is still a challenge.

    For your best price, wait another month or so . . . . crazy anybody will be crazy to clear their floor for '09 models and very accomodating after a bad boat-selling season (economy + high scrutiny on loans + high fuel prices = glad i'm not in the boat selling business!)

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