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    2000 Virage Fuel Filters


    I Posted last week about filters in my ski,s a SeaDoo and the Poaris,

    I found and cleaned the dirty filter in the Mikuni on the SeaDoo,

    I can NOT find a internal filter on the Kiehin on the Polaris,

    Do they have an internal filter? I do not see one on the parts break down....

    I did replace the fuel lines and will replace the "inline" filter.

    The ski was running like a blocked fuel filter,, Hit the throttle and it would jump out of the water just get on plane then fall on it's face. and you would have to let go of the throttle,, it did it 5 or 6 times.

    What I found though was a blown out base gasket on the carb base,, My step son had turned the gas off and it back fired when we "put in the water " turned the gas on fired up and then it ran fine for 500 feet and did this.

    I am just doing maintenance before going back out and want to do that internal filter if there is such a thing in the Kiehin,,

    Thanks Doug

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    Doug, did you ever find the filter? It's there just behind the jet block.

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