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    ho humm, seezed 701 raider

    new results and problems, i got the engine up to 7200 rpms via the old aftermarket cdi just before FAY rolled through here. but post storm the engine would turn over. first i thought i bent the crank shaft.

    BUT i think it is the impeller end of the drive train that is not allowing a full rotation. when i hand spin the PTO i get a rough spot that leads into an immobile shaft. i can feel the engine side of the drive spin a little farther than the pump side, total amount of spin is about a 1/4 turn. then engine turns 1 or 2 MM more.

    i read on another thread that some skis have a zinc plate that when corroded will get worse and worse until seizure.

    i am thinking that either a corrosion plate or the pump liner is protuding into the impeller blades.

    is this home fixable or should i shop it? i know that if i shop it the shop will say that the impeller is scratched and i will need a new impeller and houseing, if not a new entire pump.

    i have been wanting to put a solas impeller on there anyway. i am thinking Solas YB-SC-J(14.7-18.5).

    thoughts? shop it or save the cash for tools?

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    You are turning the engine with the spark-plugs out aren't you (of course you are).
    Pulling the pump out is very easy to do (10 mins). It will let you know if it's the engine or the pump.
    If it's the pump end, then pulling the pump apart (2 pieces) will let you know if it is the bearings or the wear ring.
    I have a YB-CD-J in my 701 raider and a 11/19 hooker in my 735 raider.
    I think the YB-SC-J might not be the right one. A call to impros would let you know which impeller would work.
    DIY you can get and fit a used wear ring for ~$30-50, new for about $130.
    New bearing kit is $40 + a decent propane torch and a look at this thread:
    having the pump out is always a good time to do an impeller change, but again this requires a propane torch and a BIG wrench.
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