For sale off a 97 SPX 110hp

Buckshot carbs with Novi RV (clean as a whistle). 350obo

SKAT TRAK pump with set back impeller 12 vein (sealed bearing) 500obo
Complete UMI stem,bars,start/stop switch,R&D drop nozzle and lever (XP/SPX). 500obo

R&D head (no pitting) 100obo

Beach House sponsons 100obo (perfect shape)

TDR waterbox (baffle/perfect shape). 100 obo

Complete MPEM WITH KEY 300obo

Front nose,rear side corner rub rails (little to no fading),front storage bucket. Make offer

Hydro Turf front splash gaurd (x4 hull). 50obo

Set of stock bore cylinders (787) 150obo

2 complete lower end motor/cases ect (good for cores) 100 each obo

Stator 100obo

2 great shape covers (x4 hull) 1 (blue/green)is perfect,1 (yellow/red)has small tear in handle bar area for the umi bars. 75 obo each

Set of very clean Rave valve. 50obo

And theres probably more, so if you need anything let me know as i may have it. 618-781-3740 or email/pm me.