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    06 speedster 430

    starboard engine displays "check engine" light after a few minutes of use.
    Boat runs perfect,no other light comes on,no signs of anything other than the "light".
    Any suggestions?
    Also any news on the cavitation or porpoising issues with this boat?

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    Nice boat! Did you check the easy things? i.e. oil level, coolant level? No beep with the light, huh? With the light on, are the engine's rpms limited? Got a dealer you trust who could plug in & diagnose?

    Cavitation is typically due to wearable items getting worn like carbon rings, impellers, wear rings. They will wear faster if other components are out of wack.

    Porpoising is commonly reported and I find it is related to weight/load balance within a narrow range of speed.

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    The 4-tec had a tendancy to chew up oil pressure switches in my old 04 Sportster. I actually told my dealer about this and was thanked quite profusely on my next visit as it fixed problems on three boats they otherwise had no idea what was wrong.
    My 06 C180 has not had this issue yet so perhaps BRP has fixed. I have analog guages so my oil light would come on along with some loud beeps but I would imagine on the digital guage you would see a code.
    I did a search for you on how to check the codes.

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