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    Sea Doo 230 WAKE or YAMAHA AR 230 HO?

    Which one's better?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jetski_poland View Post
    Which one's better?
    My opinion is the Sea Doo just due to the fact it has a 4 stroke instead of a 2 stroke. Longer lived motor Less maint in the long haul.

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    The AR has the 160hp four stroke motors.

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    Looks like more power and more options on the Sea Doooo.

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    Seadoo. I know the 510hp wake is over $50k... how much for the Yami?

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    Yamaha. Imagine having to rebuild 2 superchargers, oh that would hurt.

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    Seadoo if your into high performance and speed.
    Yamaha has tighter fit and finish , and maybe very slightly better ride.

    Dont worry about SC problems on the Seadoo 230.

    If your close to North Carolina contact me , I can get you the best deal on either one you choose.

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    Wow, Get your facts straight!

    Disclaimer: I am a little Biased, because I will by a Yamaha, after having used one for two years.

    Speed and performance on both boats are exactly the same! Same top end speed. The extra Horse Power does nothing for you, because you are limited by the water pumps. Less HP equals less Gas$$ Maintenance on the Yamaha boat is very easy. Seadoo has 110 extra HP, that goes to waiste.
    Seadoo did away with two throttles, one for each engine. That is bad news. When you are boating in any wind, adjusting one throttle slightly allows you to go straight without adjusting your steering. Also, you can move the boat sideways with two throttles (port side forward, starboard side reverse, steering right makes the boat go sideways to the right, which is great for docking.

    Check out this video, which does an almost fair comparison.

    Note that the Yamaha keeps up with the Seadoo. The Seadoo owner states that they are even. Now the Yamaha boat had the bimini open (drags costs 2-3MPH on average). Yamaha uses regular unleaded gas, and costs a ton less, has fewer problems with the boat than any other boat, has an awesome transom on the back with a two removable tables )on in the cockpit and one one the transome.

    As far as buy seadoo because they make watercrafts? So does Yamaha. Seadoo is actaully bombadier which makes snowmobiles, trains, and planes.
    Yamaha makes awesome engines, to the point where the V8 volvo XC90 2007 and up have volvo engine in them. The engines that go in the boats are their award winning touring engines which they reduce the HP/Revs on and then mod for marine use. They have decades of experiences with water engines (see their lineup of outboards) What outboard engines does seadoo have?

    Top speeds and acceleration are the same.

    Seadoo 230 WAKE 2009 Yamaha AR230 HO 2009
    MSRP: 230 WAKE starting at: $51,999 $40,099

    Length 23' 6" (7.16 m) 23.0(7m)
    Beam 8' 9" (2.67 m) 8’6” (2.6m)
    Draft 12" (30.5 cm) 16" (.5M)
    Dry Weight 3775 lbs (1712 kg) 3270lbs(1483kg)
    Storage Capacity 67 cu ft (1.9 m3) 675gal (2557l)
    Seating capacity 12 10 person
    Weight Capacity 2283 lbs (1036 kg) 1799 lb (816 kg)
    Fuel Capacity 53 gallons (200.6 liters) 50.2 gal (190 L)

    Model Fuel injected, Rotax® 4-Cylinder , 4-stroke
    1503 4-TEC® (x 2) Twin High Output Yamaha Marine Engines
    Displacement:1494 cc 1052cc
    Horsepower: 430 hp 320HP
    Opt: 510 hp
    8000 RPM 10500

    Fuel:recommended: 91 octane Recommened: 87 octane, Deadrise 21 º 20 deg.
    Options: 1000lbs ballast for wakeboard Wet storage, swim and rear
    patio, enclosed head
    compartment, Dinette Table
    with mounts at cockpit and stern, stainless steel
    drink holders, Independent,
    Dual Engine Controls,Jet Pump
    Clean-out Plugs with Push

    Heater Third Party after market
    P.A. System None.
    Perfect Pass: Aftermarket (available on 212x)

    Jet pump diameter
    6 1/4'' / 15,63cm 15.5 cm

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