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    2002 Polaris Genesis No compression On middle cylinder.

    I have a 2002 Genesis Fuel Injected. It was running great and then it started running really rough. I checked the compression and the middle cylinder was 0. What could be the problem? Thanks for all your help

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    Probably a burnt piston. Pull the head and take a peek.

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    I was finally able to pull the head off. The piston looked great, was not burnt or anything. What could be the problem?

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    Was the o ring in place or any damage to the dome?
    Is the cylinder wall scored (Rotate the engine so the piston is low in the cylinder)

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    The o ring was in place , there was no damage to the dome.
    Cylinder wall was not scored.
    here is a link to a picture
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    looking at pic, piston top on edge seems slight bulge usally broken rings, remove cylinder slowly wrap a cloth round con rod. befre parting piston and cylinder, to catch broken rings, so they dont jump in crank case

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