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    DJSA Thanks Tim Bushman

    Those of you that came to practice Saturday were given a great opportunity to talk with one of the great jet ski racers.
    Tim donated his time to give his expertise on racing, answering many questions, he also worked with each racer on there starts and techique.
    We have to give a sincere Thanks to Tim, Jen and Jason Billings for there time and knowledge.
    Thanks you,
    Mark, Debi and Tony

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    Had a blast

    Hey everybody, I a blast out there playin with you guys. Nice to have an off weekend of racing and just having fun races with you all. Man you stand up guys are really talking me into getting one. It is very tempting. Pete, Jeremy, JB, thanks for the lesson. I feel more confident everytime I get on a stand up.

    Debi, Mark, Tony, thanks for everything. Great Chile diner.

    As for Pirate, I am never riding with him and Jim home. They no why! lol Hey Pirate good to see you. Thanks for giving me a hard time the whole way home.

    TBM, You guys are the bomb. Great seeing you out there.

    Look forward to seeing you all at Seafood Festival.

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    Here is the link to the photo's that I took yesterday, they are together in one album because I have not figured out how to work Vista yet and it is totally different than XP!!

    Thank you to Tim Bushman and his crew, you guys were great!!

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    Saturday was awesome (well at least for the time I was there)! Thanks again to Tim for the tips on racing and starts and Jon Bonkowski for the extra start practice and coaching!

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    I Love the pics you take and take the thought of forgeting your camera at home is better than bringing it knowing that Traci will take better pics anyways!
    One again thank you everyone was a great endurance practice for me and for my buddy getting used to a X2 for the second time riding one. Too bad those other guys who their X2 didnt want to run the buoys!

    I still think you are pulling my leg as not EVER being on a X2. You picked it up very QUICKLY and with a little practice you will be giving me a run for my money!
    Welcome to the X2 riders club!

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