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    The gremlins have returned haha!

    Howdy fellas. It looks like I have a winter project on my hands now I went out yesterday on a really long road trip. Made it a nice lake called Eagle Lake. Just got out on the water and maybe a half an hour into the ride I noticed some performance drop off and a bit of backfiring. I figure it's loading up a little because the carbs are probably just about due for kits now. They looked good and all when I cleaned them up a few weeks back but they are starting show signs for replacement time.

    Anyway, I carry on and bring it up to WOT, no worries at all, it performed very well...still hitting the rev limitter every now and again though. I'm thinking it's because the intake grate isn't on so it's not pulling enough water in. I'm not overly concerned with that just yet though. But the real problem was another loss in power, this time I could hear it missing and running rough. I get back to the boat launch and pulled the plugs (new ones mind you...perfect). They were all nice and chocolatey brown, the PTO side was a little less brown in color which I assume is why everyone runs the high jet on that side a bit rich.

    I try it again after opening the high jet to 3/4 on the PTO and see if there's a difference. I notice now, when I rev higher than half throttle, my battery light comes on, I let off...the light goes out. On top of this, I also notice when I get to half or higher throttle I hear the dreaded's not super loud but it does show up. I'm not totally sure what it is yet, I haven't torn things down but I welcome any suggestions to look out for while pulling things apart. If it could be the rotary vavle components acting up, crank name it I'll check it. I'll post all of my findings later on in the year as I complete the ski so I'm in no rush here. The ski still starts and runs, I just winterized it today. Here's a list of all I have done to it.

    New flywheel and magcup assembly
    Newly rebuilt stator
    New starter brush kits
    Replaced gray box
    New coil, HTL's, and plug caps
    Primer Kit
    New wear ring
    New clear fuel hoses
    Re-jetted from stock 142.5 mains to 145's
    Changed over to pre-mix and running 40:1 ratio
    Came with a Solas SC-SD-X 18-23 impeller already on it
    Cleaned RAVES before this run and replaced O-Rings
    Replaced water injector bellows

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    Man...that's the most depressing post I've read all summer! Winterize your ski in August? That absolutely sux!

    Sounds like the inductive pickup is broken, was it missing at high rpms too?

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    Yes sir. Anything past 1/2 throttle and it would start to squeal. It sounded very frontal and my guess is something around the stator. I've also noticed an uncommon shake. It's most noticable during starting but that could be due to the miss. One of these days I will print off a degree wheel and check the timing, make sure the crank is still true. I did a compression test before the last run and it was good. 155 on the mag side, 153 on the PTO side. It is a sad day for Sea-Doo but our weather up here hasn't been great all summer anyway. It has been off and on rain today, but also today marked the first full week of sunlight we've had all summer. It has rained here between 5 & 6 days a week. I think it's been like this in northern NewYork too and I'm only 45 minutes away from that border.

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    Had very similiar problems on my XP. Are you running an aftermarket pipe? Mine was apparently causing some harmonics and backed out my mag cup screws TWICE! Finally just got some hardened bolts red loctite and torqued the heck out of em. No probs after that. When the mag cup came loose it destroyed the stator and pickup both times, but these can be changed without pulling the motor. I actually looked in the hole where the oil pump block off is witha boroscope and could see the bolts. Hope your problem is something more simple!

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    Nope, still running factory pipe but that is a good thought. The stator cover was going to be my first place to look. You're right, it is very easy to remove. I have been inside there too many times since spring It has a brand new flywheel and mag cup on there assembled from the factory but that doesn't mean a thing...those screws very well could have backed out. Thanks for the input

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    Well...if you get ambitious the pickup isn't that expensive and easy to change. Just a you might get a few more weeks of good weather and want to take it back out.

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    Thanks dude. I'll check that out later this week and post my findings.

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