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    94 XP parts...cannot find any.

    I just picked up a 94 xp and am starting to refurbish it. I have replaced all the fuel lines, fuel filters, cleaned the carbs, washed out the tank, and cleaned the fuel baffle. this thing runs excellent. now there are two problems.

    one is the throttle cable is stretched out. i would prefer to replace it versus just tighten the old one up(some fraying on cable). really want this fixed so i can tune the carbs in better.

    second problem is the trim intermittently works. I think it is the cable or the gears, since the guage still moves up & down when the button is used. but i am guessing since this is the first ski i've had with trim.

    any help is appreciated. like where to start or where to get parts...aftermarket parts too, if I am going to be replacing the trim sys...

    THANKS to all who help, buzz

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    This web site owner sells parts and 94 is only availble on Micropish. (flm) so you would have to call thm and order that way

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    I tried that in my url and nothing came up. not the best w/computers so where do i find this?

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    never mind. i found the parts section. i do need advice on the trim system. i.e. where to start diagnosis. also are there aftermarket parts for this ski still? (please say yes...)

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