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    Mark Underwood AKA Race Tech

    Thanks to Mark Underwoods buddies (Moderators) anytime this gets brought up about this mans underhanded dealings the posts either get deleted or moved to the moderators section!
    So to my family here at Greenhulk I will try this once again!
    Mark Underwood (Race Tech) you need to address this problem you have!
    Craig is waiting for his parts or a full refund for what these parts are worth!
    I PMed you his phone number and address so whats the PROBLEM?
    Tiried of this crap!

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    do you have craigs address? or tell him too call me with it. he gave me his address in havasu 1.5 yrs ago but i lost it and never heard from him again. i still have all his parts and will ship them back.
    mark underwood
    905 726 3387

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    That is an unfair statement to make on the Moderators. I would NEVER do business with Mark Underwood. Customer service is VERY important to me, and that is why I:
    A) Buy everything from the store HERE
    B) Spend my free time assisting people and this GREAT site.

    It is the people who take a certain thread OFF TOPIC that get it removed or moved.
    ( I moved this to General discussion BTW)

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    Absolutely crap statement!
    We can not allow constant bashing everytime something somebody doesn`t like get`s wayyyy off topic. All`s anyone has to do is a "Search" and take the time to look for threads pertaining to his or anyones dealings and statements there-of. Any Bad dealings have been spoken about before, and it`s up to the parties involved to work it out over PM`s or privately, not here in the open forum. It`s that simple.

    in this case, Statement has been made, this will not be another free-for-all thread, but it can be viewed by all, just not responded to bc it is locked...

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    The last thread you are referring to was removed at the request of the original poster.. We as mods here do not just delete stuff without a reason..

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    It costs $75 bucks to take someone to court in Ontario, Canada. As a matter of principle if I had bad dealings with someone I would do that.
    How are the mods supposed to know what is real and what is not as far as what is said here. I could just start a rumor about someone and then complain when the mods move it. It could prove unfair to someone that doesn't deserve it.

    There are legal means to deal with it and they should be dealt with in that manner.

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