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    just looking for some direction on something

    took th ski out today, nad noticed the MAINT logo in the lcd screen. Did an once over on everything could find anything that might look out of wack. Took it for a short spin, like less than a min, E temp was fine, RPM's were fine from what i could tell (decent chop, couldnt go that fast). Then back on the lift it went.

    Any ideas on what might make it come on? The warning light isnt on, and the ski is around 65 hours.

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    if you have over 100 hours, it just reminds you to rebuild the sc..

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    Could it be a built in service reminder?

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    Maint is a service reminder. It comes on at set intervals. E temp is exterior temp not engine temp.

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    The supercharger re-build 'alarm' at 100 hours is only on the 2008s. The only way you can get the MAINT to disappear is have the dealer hook it up to BUDS and shut it off.

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