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    Exclamation water in engine- need help

    hey guys i got some rocks in the impeller so i flipped it over to get em out. turned back over engine wouldnt crank pulled plugs, water took out of water got home asap. now im taking it apart and am curious if anyone would like to come by and give me a hand, first time just bought it have the manuals just need some comfort lol.

    im in pickering, ont if theres anyone willing to come by let me know,
    thanks guys.

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    Which ski do you have? Does it have an SC? You really need to get the water out of the engine ASAP. You'll need a vacuum pump and a case of cheap 10W-40 mineral oil. Pull the tube off the SC to get as much water out of the SC as possible. With the plugs out, crank the engine, with the throttle wide open (drowned mode), until no more water comes out of the plug holes. Put in the plugs and see if it starts. If it tries to start, pull the plugs, dry them, replace them, and try again. Repeat until the engine starts. Warm the engine on the hose, and change the oil. Repeat until the oil is not milky. One the oil is pretty clean, run the ski in the water to get it real hot. Change the oil & filter and put in good BRP mineral oil.

    What state are you located in?... Ron

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    hey thanks alot for your help, i actually had to take the intake manifold off because it was full, did what you said and she started up no prob, i will have to change the oil tomorow because no one was open by time it all happened.

    thanks again, this is an excellent website.

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    You might want to check the oil filter as they have a tendency to colapse slighty when there's water in the oil. Some even run with the filter out until the oil is clear. Just the the water out as soon as you can and get good oil and a filter back in it... Ron

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