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    does this seem about right on a 700?

    i have a 96 waveraider 700. it is just a standard one, no trim option or anything like that. my buddy has a 95 seadoo xp, his has the variable trim but it doesn't work. my question is about him out running me.
    we lined them up and took off. he always beats me on the take off and will slowly pull away from me all the way down the lake. i can even duck down behind the bars and he can sit up and still beat me. he is not smoking me, but in a 1/8 mile he has about 20 feet on me.
    what can i do to beat him?????

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    how much speed do you need?

    GPS your ski and GPS his ski.

    yes seadoos have been traditionally faster but more expensive on upkeep. mine was upgraded with the quick shift trim system as an aftermarket, it is a matter of a new nozzle and the trim parts. it will mount right up.

    speed is controlled by a few things. RPM of the engine and prop pitch are going to be the biggest speed gainers. after that new ride plate, new intake will give you 1-2 MPH (for 300-400 bucks, not a great cost/speed ratio). then both you and the ski need to loose weight (the hardest). try to GPS with 1/4 tank and half tank of gas see if those help your speed over a full tank. if so get him to have a full tank you launch with a 1/4 tank (just have a gas can in the truck).

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    The 95 XP is quicker than the 96 700 raider.
    The 96 raider had a top speed of about 50mph. The 95 XP was the 720, but had dual 38s and weighs a lot less than your raider. A friend of mine has a 96 XP with an 800 in it and it is about the same as my 94 raider on accelleration, but I have a couple of miles an hour on the top end on him. The 94 raiders weigh about the same as an XP as they are fiberglass, 95 and up they put on over 100lbs when they went to SMC.

    A couple of free things you can do are:
    1. sit right at the back of the raider to get the front up if there is no trim.
    2. cut the center 2 bars off the intake grate.
    After that it's all money and to be honest, not really worth it for your ski unless you can pick up parts cheap.
    See this post for what I did to mine.

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    where would i get that quick shift trim system at and what is a descent price on one?

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    ebay, (cheapest) - 150 but you might spend a week or two gathering differant parts. (not so bad) - but still 300-400 bucks (most expensive) - expect 500 bucks and expect excellent support.

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    that should be fine. It probably made for weedeaters....if anyone has noticed they have clear hose that runs to and from the primer pump. But! I have seen that hose become very weak and have broken some in half.

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