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    95 xp TEMP BUZZER

    I have a 95 XP and the Temp Buzzer goes off constantly from time of start up (COLD ENGINE) to time of killing the engine. I've unhooked the wire to the temp sensor on top of the engine and it's still the same thing. I have to unhook the wire harness going to the TEMP BUZZER to shut the damn thing up. I have the digital gas gauge w/temp light, oil light, and battery light. All lights came on at once a couple of weeks ago and since then it's just the battery light (battery fully charged). Has been running fine but a friend drove it across the lake yesterday and said it shut down on him after 10 minutes. It wouldn't start for 10 more minutes and he drove it back. Seemed to run just fine after that.
    Does anyone have a clue.

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    I would start by checking and cleaning all plug in connections. Be sure to check the rear elctrical box as the fuses in there can get really nasty. All 4 lights coming on could indicate a bad dess connection either in front box or the key.

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