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    question for all u RXPX owners.

    My cousin has a RXPX and the first problem is after every ride the motor is covered wit salt water. Seems like there's a leak somewhere but it must only be when its in the water with a lot pressure like maybe 3/4 throttle to full throttle n never while being flushed. Anyone know what that can be?

    The other issue is if u run in flat water and u bring the trim anywhere above neutral position the machine porpuses like crazy. What will help stop this?

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    question #1 - i have never noticed and water on the motor, i dont know why u are experiencing that, i dunno what to check as im not to pro with these things

    question #2 - ive only noticed the ski doing that 2 clicks and higher than middle, ive gotten my max speed with no porpus or bouncing or anything 1 click above center

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    I dont ride much in saltwater but i have noticed the white salt deposits on the motor... I did take that crappy rollover tubing out... Coat the engine with lube stuff... Cant remember what its called... Im not quite awake yet...

    I set the trim at one notch above neutral... Dont have a problem... Just make sure you trim down taking off from start...

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    salt on engine is from the holes under the seat. salt water gets into the seat through the stitching. solution: unstaple the seatcover, rip the foam from the plastic in one piece. leave to dry. wrap fully in industrial plastic clear wrapping. plug the holes in the plastic mold with rubber stoppers.

    i got no problems with bouncing around on flat but i use trim in centre position.

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    Yeah the problem is because of the holes in the seat...
    Brendus, i see you are from Melbourne, I am aswell.
    Whereabouts and who do you ride with?

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    pm sent james

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    i have this problem too ,it must be a design fault ,and i think it could cause alot of rusting in the engine bay after some time ,i flush the bay through with water when home .

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    They are exactly right about the seats! My boats was nice and clean after riding in salt then cleaning it up. I then rode in fresh water only later to have the left over salt from inside the seat foam coat the entire engine again! ARRRRRG!

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    invest in some salt-away. its cheap, you can spray on the engine and you can leave it there. just remember do it when the engine is cool.

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    I was very disappointed when i found this out on my ski. I used to own a yamaha and i very rarely got any salt water over my engine. Now i head out in the p-x and within 10 mins my motor is covered. At only 17 hours i have already started peeling paint off my s/c and bits around it. I have just covered the whole engine in Inox and see how that goes. You really have to take all the inlet pipes and everything off to get a good coating of this shit over the motor.. I am going to plug the holes under my seat with silicone i think. I would rather wreck my seat then my motor

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