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    97 XP won't rev up HELP!!!

    I just bought the ski the previous owner said that it was good to go. He said that he had had the carbs rebuilt and the coils replaced. Heres what happens. It starts and revs out of water. but when I dropped it in the water it started ran in the no wake zone. but when I got to open water and throttled it up, it felt like it was mising. It has no power what so ever. And after holding the throttle for a while and letting off it smoked excessively. Any ideas???

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    first thing i would do is pull the plugs and see how they are! your plugs will tell you what the engine is doing. are they fouled or are they dry? when i did the fuel lines and cleaned the carbs on my gsxl my filters in the carbs were totally full of gum! and when i put it all back together i had to tweek my low speed jets just a little then she ran great! its hard to say what they took apart and if they changed any settings on the carbs?

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    check for exhaust leaks by or in manifold..

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